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Baby - Male - Large
Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler - Black Labrador Retriever
Buxton is the Black Beauty of this litter.   He  is the largest member of the Cape Hatteras litter. at 10 pounds. The vet says Buxton and his litter mates will be larger than their mom.  Mommy dog appears to be a 35 pound stubby tailed Australian Cattle dog, sometimes called a "blue heeler".  Buxton must take after his (unknown) dad, he looks like a lab puppy and has soft, thick, velvety black fur.  
Buxton is the most adventurous member of his litter, first out of the gate and out the door.  Buxton loves people, and comes when you call his name.   He already shows an interest in doing his business outside and not in the crate.  

Buxton will be available for adoption on April 1.

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