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Young - Male - Large
Great Pyrenees - Retriever

Truly the sweetest, cutest, loveable dog. Loves to play and cuddle and go for long walks or hikes or play outside. I swear he has a great sense of humor and does silly things all the time for laughs. Loves most other dogs and being around lots of people. He thrives in big groups or with anyone willing to give him lots of attention. Very food/treat/toy motivated so you can get him to do almost anything if you have a good bone or puzzle or stuffed animal. Likes walks and play but doesn't actually have that much energy. One long walk or short run, especially in the summer, can tire him out for a long time. He likes lots of good, long naps and spends the vast majority of the work day napping.

Lewie  does not like to be alone but he is not destructive! He has never been a destructive dog. Barking and reactivity. He will follow them around the house.He has a lot of enthusiasm when people enter his home for the first time and tends to jump and for a few minutes at each entrance. It helps to have treats to distract him and have him meet new people outdoors. 

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