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Female -
Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler
Adoptable House trained

Mami appears to be a 35 pound stubby tailed Australian Cattle dog, sometimes called a "blue heeler".  Mami is an affectionate and smart girl.  She loves to snuggle and kiss her person and enthusiastically greets female visitors.  She likes to play fetch and tug and is gentle with her foster mom when she does.

Mami had a tough life, living on a chain in someone's back yard in Texas.  Underfed and neglected, she was pregnant when she came into rescue and almost died during labor.  Thanks to rescue donors, Mommy dog was able to have a C-section and is already spayed and recovered from her surgery 6 weeks ago.  She is now gaining weight, is healthy and happy, bright eyed and bushy tailed.  
Mami is quiet in the crate and stays in it all night, up to 10 hours, with no potty accidents.  Mami isn't used to living inside a home yet, so while she prefers to go potty outside, her people will need to reinforce that with regular potty breaks and it is recommended to keep her away from carpet until you have confidence in her potty training.  Mommy currently stays with her puppies in the waterproof areas of the home.
While she's been raising her littler, Mami has been a devoted and affectionate mother, but worries about her babies.  So she's been dog reactive and suspicious of strangers, especially men.  She loves her current foster mom and the resident female teenager in the home.  Her foster would love to keep Mommy dog –  if Mommy dog liked the resident male Boxer in the home, but Mami does not.  So for the sake of both dogs, Mami will need to move on to a permanent home.
Mami doesn't bark frequently but she does bark at strangers she sees or hears on or around the house.  She'd make a good watch dog.  Nobody is getting into the home without Mami knowing about it and speaking up!
Having experienced neglect and, we suspect, starvation in the past, Mami is like many dogs and resource guards, so she is not recommended for a home with small children who might not respect her space.  
She is highly food motivated and that is an excellent start for dog training.   Currently Mami has learned her name, she knows "sit", and she easily goes into the crate expecting a Beggin Strip or even a fresh vegetable!


Mami will be available for adoption on April 1.

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