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Meet Pumpkin! Our best guess is that this lovely girl is a lab/pit mix, weighs about 75 pounds, and is approximately 2-3 years old.

Pumpkin is a survivor! She has had a difficult life, but is blossoming and overcoming her trauma. When she first arrived, she often had to be carried outside to use the bathroom and was very fearful. Four months later, she LOVES the dog park, car rides, and hikes.

This sweet girl loves her people and gets very attached. Pumpkin enjoys running errands with her foster mom (any excuse to be in the car). She loves getting pets and has started approaching new people on her own (albeit slowly). She is the cuddliest and would be happy to sleep ON you if you let her! 

Pumpkin is a fast learner and picks up on routines, commands, expectations very quickly. She is an off-lead pro as she’ll never get too far from you and has excellent recall skills. She is great on a leash for hikes or getting to/from a specific destination but is not interested in going for walks for “no reason” and therefore would do best in a home with a yard (fenced or not). She is low/medium energy. She will just as easily sleep on the couch next to you all day as she will play at the dog park for three hours before going on a hike.

Pumpkin is kid and dog friendly, but tends to play rough with smaller dogs so she would be best with dogs her size. She is incredibly gentle with people, however, and is especially careful around children. 

The best home for Pumpkin would be one where someone works from home, and a family that's comfortable not crate training as she has some claustrophobia due to past trauma and is uncomfortable in confined spaces. She can't wait to find her forever home, where she can give lots of love and get lots of belly rubs in return. 

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