Foster FAQ


  • Why should I foster?

Pet Rescue Alliance relies on foster families to love and care for the dogs and puppies we rescue until they are adopted. Each foster allows us to save one more dog and helps us find it a loving forever home.

  • How do I become a foster?

After you fill our our foster application, a member of our foster coordination team will reach out to you to set up an initial phone call. During this phone call, the volunteer will provide additional information about our rescue, answer any questions you may have about fostering and ask questions to find out more information about what type of dog might be the best fit for your living situation/lifestyle.

  • How long will a foster dog/puppy stay with a foster family?

We prefer that you commit to fostering your animal until a forever home can be found. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long this will take.The duration of foster care can range from a couple of days to several weeks. If you can only foster for a specific period of time, please be certain to indicate this when agreeing to take in a foster so we can be prepared to find an additional foster home if need be.

  • What if my foster animal isn’t working out?

We ask that foster families allow time for adjustment. While it usually takes about 24 hours for a dog to settle in, it will take much longer for their overall adjustment to this new environment. If after 24 hours, you feel your foster dog may not be a good fit, please reach out to your foster coordinator. Your foster coordinator will provide you with additional training information to try.  Other times, the dog may simply not be a good fit for your home or lifestyle. PRA will always take the foster animal back if an issue cannot be resolved, however, it may take us time to come up with a plan and we ask that you give us 24 hours to find another placement for the dog.

  • As a foster, how am I involved in the adoption process?

After an initial phone screening for a potential adopter, an adoption coordinator will reach out and ask you to schedule a meet and greet within the next 1-2 days. The intention of these meetings are to inform them about the dog’s temperament and daily activities, judge if they are ready and a good fit, and answer any questions. A meet & greet does not mean the potential adopter is fully cleared for adoption, it is just the next step. After the meet & greet, please let the adoption coordinator know your thoughts and opinion. Please give us your most honest feedback about the adopter. If you have concerns or are worried for any reason, we want to know! Although the adoption approval is ultimately determined by PRA, we value your opinion as the foster and will take it into consideration. 

  • What if my foster dog has to go to the vet?

Vet care for foster animals must be provided by an approved Pet Rescue Alliance vet. All vetting is paid for by PRA, but only if you take the animal to one of our vet partners. Be prepared to take the dog to a Vet appointment that will be coordinated through PRA for a wellness check. If you are unable to provide transportation for the dog to vet, please let us know as soon as possible.

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